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Certificate attestation, certificate legalization and certificate authentication all three are same meaning. We need not to confuse about keywords. They states that a particular document is genuine and issued from the respected state. In other words it proves the genuineness of the documents. The documents could be educational, non educational and commercial. The attestation on each documents depend upon the country in which it is going to be used. There are several kinds of attestation like notary, home department, hrd, embassy attestation and Apostille attestation. Apostille is different among the other attestation. The word Apostille came from the conference attended by various countries called Hague Conference. It was organised to abolish the and make some different rule for the attestation on the public documents. The documents must get  the apostille if it is being to be used in the Hague convention country. Apostille is the sticker consisting the seal and signature of the officer approving the originality of the document. Before Apostille it must get the HRD attestation from the respective state. Then it would submit in the Ministry of External affairs New Delhi. Hague convention countries are those countries which participated the conference. Apostille  is required in many conditions such as for higher studies, for work and similar purposes. But all these are difficult and time consuming processes. Candidate searches for the attestation agent. It may create a problem if your documents do not handover to the right hand. Genius attestation Services is an ISO certified company having more than 10 years of experience in the respective field. It provides the all types of attestation for all documents. It is one of the best attestation company in the world. It has qualified staff for assistance their client in the proper way. Candidate need not to confuse about the attestation if he/she is going to use  the service of the Genius Attestation.

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