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Oman Attestation

To know more about Oman

Sultanate of Oman is the official name of Oman, state of the Arab. It is located at the mouth of Persian of Gulf. Its border touches the borders of UAE, Saudi Arab and Yemen. The culture of Oman follows the Islamism. If we talk about the education, there are large number of reputed universities in the Oman like Sultan Qaboos University, Dhofar University, Nizwa University and Sohar University etc.

Certificate Attestation

What is Attestation? Attestation, we heard this word when we applied to the government jobs. For this our documents need attestation from the gazetted officer on the xerox copy of the educational certificates. It means to verify the documents withe the original one. There are some other attestation like Notary, Home Department,HRD, General Administration Department (GAD), Apostille Attestation, Embassy attestation etc. Need of these attestation arises in many situation like to get work visa, to get family visa, to get promotion in the job, to get married, for higher studies etc. Certificate attestation means certifying a particular document that it is genuine and issued From the state of the country. Attestation consists of various seal and signature of the designated authority. To understand it clearly we need to understand the example. If a candidate received an opportunity to wok in the Oman. The official ask about the attestation from the concerned department of the home country. Documents need to get HRD from the home state or Notary mantralaya and home department from Maharashtra. HRD only attests educational certificate. Then it goes to the Ministry of external affairs New Delhi. Finally documents submit in the Embassy and it is considered as the final point of attestation. Attestation procedure depends upon country to country. If you received an offer letter for the member country of Hague convention then it must get Apostille stamp.

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